Starwood Academy of Frisco 

This private offering is for students of Starwood Academy of Frisco. Click here to visit our publicly-available camps.

100% online. 

Thoughtful, engaging and Zoom facilitated.

 Minimal, easily-accessible materials.

Real inspired learning 

When the crisis hit,

NuMinds flipped the script.


We blended the best of online learning with our unique, mixed-age approach to STEAM education in order to engineer Camp Pursuit World Edition

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What online platform is being used?

For Starwood Academy of Frisco, we are hosting private, small-group classes using the highest security settings possible on Zoom (including waitroom and PIN access). The classes will be live, Monday-Friday 1-3pm. Using the camera is optional;however, the session will be interactive and require the students use a device with microphone capabilities. 

Q: What materials will I need?

Campers will need an internet-enabled device capable of accessing Google Classroom, streaming videos, and opening websites. We recommend and use Chromebooks in all of our student programs. For many of our tech courses, parents will be asked to create a free account for their camper (for example MIT Scratch). 

Every time a course activity involves a hands-on challenge, the teacher provides alternative solutions for materials. Suggested supplies include printer paper, construction paper, colored pencils, scissors, glue, tape, and a writing utensil.  

Our hope is that no additional purchases are necessary; HOWEVER, you may want to start cleaning and saving cardboard and cool recyclables.   

Q: What makes Camp Pursuit unique?

Camp Pursuit is built by educators who genuinely love to learn!  We use our proprietary curriculum model to create one-of-a-kind, STEAM courses that blend storytelling with project-based, interdisciplinary study. 


All of our courses include built-in options for choice and accelerated materials, and every class is taught by a passionate Inspirator  who has been trained to work with a wide variety of students in mixed-aged classroom models

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